'German Reich'Deutsches Reich
German Reich
German coat of arms
German Reich (Map)-0
Anthem"Das Lied der Deutschen"

Song of the Germans

Capital Berlin
Languages German

The German Reich was a nation that occupied most of central and eastern Europe from 1934 - 1965. During this period Germany transformed from a nation beset by economic decline and social breakdown into a superpower that dominated international politics.

Mostly concentrated on Europe it also maintained and operated a vast colonial empire spanning from Africa to Southeast Asia. The politics of the German Reich centered on the leader or "Führer" who held near complete control of the nations affairs, though formerly a Fascist dictatorship assembly elections were introduced in 1952 where members of the Reichstag could cast ballots for the position of Deputy Führer and later extended to the office of Führer itself in 1958.

Its gradual decline began with the nomination of Albert Speer to the leadership in the 1960 assembly elections, giving a speech that was titled "The winds of change", saying "Eventually change will overtake us, it will be either us or the Communists, you will make that choice. I entrust in Germans that we will respond to this change" and in 1965 the German Reich was officially disbanded succeeded by a Federal system while retaining laws which prohibited members joining political parties or organizations. Later, the colonies followed with Indochina being granted formal independence in 1972 and the German majority colony of the Congo or "Bismark" in 1981.